Bunny Bonding: Grooming and Reciprocation

Another bonding session in the bathroom with Phineas and Daisy. Things continue to go really smoothly, as the two of them immediately started exploring around and mostly ignoring one another.

A very few minor scuffles, but nothing to write home about. I think there was one moment where Daisy tried to mount Phineas. And a few other moments where Phineas tried to mount Daisy – but that’s the extent of things.

I only had to separate them once, mostly because they were chasing one another around too much.

A really positive sign is that Daisy, this time around, seems to be recovering a lot faster than she did, previously. If there was chasing or running around… a few moments later, she was back to her old self. A far cry from her previous hiding.

Phineas, employing the old “if I stick my head under your mouth, perhaps you’ll accidentally groom me” trick.

Even though Phineas really wants the top spot, I think it’s Daisy who is turning out to be the alpha after all:

The Bunny Rabbits Get a New Start
Bunny Rabbit Bonding in the Bathroom (Neutral Ground)

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