Dinner and Game Night at Meg’s Apartment

As a kind of early Valentine’s Day event, Michelle, Mike, Liz and I all headed over to Meg’s new apartment, where she and Josh hosted a dinner and game night.

I’ve forgotten how nice it is to just hang out in a kitchen, while dinner gets made, drinking and talking with friends.

L to R it’s Mike, Michelle, Meg, Josh, and Liz. We all brought over an entree, and it was delicious all around. I had to restrain myself from eating until everything was gone, because it was all really good… and I would have just ended the night by curling into a ball on the floor and taking a nap.

Liz and Michelle, checking out Meg’s patterns in progress.

In the living room, playing a round of Exploding Kittens. While I held my own throughout the game, and got near the end… I didn’t have the cards to stay alive, and Liz ended up the ultimate winner.

And no game night would be complete without Milka and Quiplash (our excuse to say crass and incredibly inappropriate things out loud).

Who am I kidding? We don’t really need an excuse – the game just provides more of a structure and format for the vulgarity.

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  1. ” I didn’t have the cards to stay alive, and Liz ended up the ultimate winner.”

    I think you meant to say – Liz’s strategy was excellent, far superior to mine, therefore she defeated me.

    Liz Reply

    • I’m fine with my original wording.

      Now let me just go make sure you don’t have admin access to this blog…

      avoision Reply

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