Cookie Clicker, 2.0

I learned over the weekend that there’s a new version of Cookie Clicker.

“I’ll just take a peek,” I said.

“I’ll just look around and see what’s new,” I said.

As I sit here, importing my game data onto my work computer so that I can have it run in the background… I’m beginning to think I made a terrible mistake.

I got pretty deep into this game, once upon a time. While I will admit to looking up strategy tips, I don’t know if I ever got to the whole “ascension” level of gameplay.

I remember hearing something about a possible dungeon somewhere in the game. Maybe I’m wrong on that.

I recently played an incremental/clicker game on my iPhone. And while it was ok… I was able to break it within less than a day. While it worked at a very fundamental level, I got the itch to come back to a game that could truly handle astronomical numbers.

If you’ve never tried this game out, perhaps you should take a step back and run while you can.

Or maybe you should give that cookie just one click, and see what happens. You can stop whenever you want.

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