Sick Day, Work Night

On Monday, I ended up taking a sick day. I had a stomach issue that woke me up (twice) Sunday evening, and didn’t end up getting much sleep. With the work we had for ourselves this week (and a big event coming up for me next week), I opted to take the day to rest.

Around 3:30 PM, I went into the basement to do some clean up work. We have Permaseal coming on Friday… and still have a schedule to keep. By the time Liz got home, I had cleared a lot of debris out of the way. And we set to working on coating the bricks that had previously been by the stairs.

Liz, keeping tabs on the cement mixing.

Me, doing a bit of cleanup work with the hose. Liz took a photo of me, saying I was never in any of the house photos because I was always the one taking them.

The bricks, freshly covered.

The small patches by the pipes, covered and prepped.

It’s funny in that, talking to Liz, we both realized we were kind of excited at the idea of Permaseal coming. We’ve been getting so much done and ready for their arrival, it’s almost turned into a mini-milestone.

Once they get things done, we’ll be set to close up the pit – and really begin finalizing the basement. Hard to believe.

Serious Basement Work
Cement and Apple Pie

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