Cleaning the Attic in Frankfort

Today, Liz and I woke up early and headed down to Frankfort to help with some attic cleanup. Julie and Bob had some afternoon plans, so we had to focus our efforts in the early part of the day.

There was a good amount of “stuff” in the attic, but all in all it wasn’t that bad. They had experienced some squirrel damage to some items, and a lot of the work involved sifting through what remained undamaged… and what was worth keeping.

While there was a lot of stuff in boxes and some sweeping to do, it was nowhere near as bad as our attic. Way more space to move around, and way less gross stuff to clean.

Moving around, it really is a spacious area… and would make an awesome room once refinished. Today was also a perfect day to work, as the weather was mild outside, allowing for some open windows and a comfortable breeze to pass through.

An old Gateway 2000 box!

Julie, looking over a large collection of items and letters.

I was in awe of this: a thick, printed list of 800 numbers. Page after page of just different toll-free numbers one could call, along with the name of the business it was registered to.

“Business Edition.”

A KAY an EE Sewmaster.

Not sure if Liz kept this or not. Perhaps it could be useful on… smaller projects.


A pair of doll houses that were hand-made by Liz’s grandfather (Julie’s dad).

A small collection of Liz’s cassette tapes. Zooming in in Photoshop, I see:

Paula Abdul
Billy Joel
Ace of Bass

Unsure whose this is, but… a small bottle of Courvoisier, set on a device with wheels to make it look like a tiny cannon? We were tempted to crack it open and drink from it, but no one was brave enough.

Worth noting: Liz did pass me the Courvoisier. And I passed it back.

While going through a box of old books, this one jumped out at me. I’m not sure where I recognize the cover from, but I recognize it.

Perhaps Liz had a copy in her books? I also have this weird memory of seeing it at my friend Aaron’s house. But that can’t be right, can it?

Liz, with an old diary or journal of hers, showing off a few entries.

November 7th – 17th

I like dan daily

E + D

November 17 – now I don’t like him.

1994, 16th of November

I stopped
liking Dan Daily

But I am starting
to write like him
for some reason.

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  1. Edit: Somehow that is my bottle. Bob DID try that mini cognac when you were downstairs. He said it wasn’t very good/tasty.

    Liz Reply

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