A Few Photos From Tuesday Funk

Arrived home a little early to discover the car was encased in ice. Most of the really bad weather hit further south of us, but we got a small bit of it in the form of frozen-over windows.

En route, passing by the You Are Beautiful installation at Foster and Ashland.

Liz and Meg (who was kind enough to attend the show). Also in attendance: my coworker, Euguene, who knows Andrew and Eden… and whose girlfriend will be reading at next month’s event. Small world!

Liz took this shot of me, reading one of my poems.

Videos were recorded of all the readers (there’s a really impressive archive on YouTube), and I’ll share mine once it’s up!

Really great time, and truly enjoyed the chance to read my poems again in a public venue.

Tuesday Funk
Writing in Cafes, Readings in Bars

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