Frankfort Dumpster, Day 2

Saturday, I returned to Frankfort with Liz. The night before I had taken Bob’s truck (loaded up with furniture we recently purchased) back to Hyde Park, leaving my car in Frankfort overnight. On returning, I discovered a small gift from Lisa (the woman who lives next to Bob/Julie, and who sold us our furniture).

More wood for the fire, as we began filling in the remainder of the dumpster.

I didn’t get a lot of photos from the process, as we closed up the dumpster at the end of the day yesterday. From that point on, we began throwing things over the top instead.

We finished with two mattresses from the attic. There may be a bit more room left, but not much. That’s one pretty full dumpster.

Taking a break by the fire, sipping on beer circa 1:30PM.

Note my fancy workstation. I took a few photos of some items Bob/Julie wanted to get rid of and posted them to Craigslist.

The rabbit, with new friends. When Liz went back over to Lisa’s she ended up buying a few more pieces (we also dropped off a thank-you card, along with a copy of my friend Maureen’s book Killer Stuff and Tons of Money: Seeking History and Hidden Gems in Flea-Market America).

Liz bought… a few more things.

Back at our house, we were moving some things into the basement. On closing the door, I had wedged a small draft/cushion thing at an odd angle… and ended up making it impossible to lock the door (or really open it) from the outside.

So – I ended up having to lower a ladder from the first floor (since we no longer have basement stairs) to climb down from the inside.

Liz, who was supporting the ladder as it kept shifting in the sand, underneath me.

Technically, I locked myself out of the basement… and had to break into the basement from inside. I got the back door opened from the inside, and everything locked back up good as normal.

Our new hall tree!

Bob and Julie were kind enough to help us transport this back to Hyde Park. Though we have literally no room for this item… it was something we were able to purchase from Lisa at an incredibly kind/generous discount. It was a rare opportunity, and one we determined we couldn’t pass up.

So in the midst of all the mess, we have this really fantastic, amazing hall tree. Waiting for the day when the rest of the house catches up to its good looks.

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  1. I love all the things you got from Lisa, and that hall tree is AMAZING.

    Meg Reply

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