New Miter Saw

On Saturday, Bob and Julie stopped over at our place early and we all headed out to brunch at Promontory.

Then, back at the house… Liz went off to talk with Julie about her plants and her plans for the backyard, while Bob and I began setting up our new miter saw.

The stand for the saw, which folds down and collapses nicely.

Another view.

The miter saw. It’s kind of a bummer, but this thing doesn’t actually ship with a blade. Despite the fact that the photo on the box features a blade (and they use a blade-shaped “burst” as a design element, toting features).

The saw, all packed up and ready to roll.

Bob is planning on heading over next week, to help us with some adjustments, provide safety tips, and to walk us through some of the features.

Though we also have a radial saw (that’s not set up), I’m honestly way more comfortable with the miter. While Liz and I had some brief experience with the miter saw in Frankfort, and at the Rebuilding Exchange, I know we’re both looking forward to walking through things with Bob and asking him a ton of questions.

Liz and I have a big project lined up for the next weekend: creating and setting up two self-watering planter boxes.

As a first project I’ll (we’ll) be tackling alone, this seems like a good one. No complicated cuts, and fairly straightforward overall. I’ve been reviewing the instructions a lot, and honestly… it’s the math and the throwing in the screws that has me more concerned. I’m not that nervous at all, in terms of cutting things down to the sizes we need.

The way my brain works, I think I’m going to end up creating an incredibly tortured and explicit step-by-step set of instructions for myself.

As of now, I have a very rough and general idea of what needs to be done. I understand the concepts and the approach. Come next weekend, I want to have all the cuts and steps solid in my head. So that I’m going through all of the steps, and not wasting time trying to remember them.

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