Garden Box Planning Mode

Last night, Liz and I spent a lot of time sitting at our kitchen table… going over our garden box plans.

We’re using this set of instructions as our primary guide, taking some tips from this guy’s implementation. For the most part, we know what materials we needed… it was just finalizing the overall dimensions (which would inform how much wood we would need to get).

Some new discoveries for me, the newbie that I am: wood dimensions are not exactly what they seem. A regular 2×4 is not, as one would think, actually 2 inches by 4 inches. It’s more like 1.5″ x 3.5″ (due to the drying and planing process).

To add to the fun, Liz was working with the interior size of the planter that she wanted… while I was working with the exterior size. We realized this about halfway through, and had to recalculate things.

We recalculated a lot, actually.

But it was good! We talked through things together, and landed on some final specs. I still need to create an actual materials list, along with a cut list… but that’s something I’ll end up doing tonight.

We’re doing a few variations of our own to the box. Instead of equal lengths for all boards, we’re going to alternate and overlap some. So instead of, say, four boards that are 72″ long – we’ll end up with 2 72″ boards and 2 69″ boards.

Also, I’m going to try out my hand at a half-lap joint. And also notching some of the boards that will serve as the base of the garden box. All new territory to me. It’s daunting, but exciting.

I find myself thinking: I’m just putting together a box. How much can actually go wrong? Famous last words, right?

Tomorrow should be a fun day for me and Liz. We’re both aware of the old adage: measure twice, cut once. And I’m sure we’ll be taking that to heart.

One that I also like from Bob: “I’ve cut this thing twice now, and it’s still too short!”

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