Garden Box Construction, Part 4

During the day, Liz and I were debating what we wanted to do when we got home. Continue working? Or take a night off to relax, after what’s been a very busy couple of days. Ultimately, we decided we wanted to continue working on the boxes… and headed downstairs to get back to it.

Most of the boards for the second box were all uniform in height, so we didn’t have as much to worry about. We found ourselves working at a quick pace, and much, much faster than we did yesterday.

Though – in our excitement, we did jump in and started marking lines before actually determining which side of the boards we wanted to face outward. And also before we checked the alignment of the wood grain. We got ahead of ourselves more than once.

Measuring out where the braces go on the long boards.

And done! What took us the better part of Sunday to complete, we knocked out in just over two hours. Liz and I were both very proud of ourselves, in that we really felt like we were learning from our previous sessions… and were feeling a little more confident about our motions and decisions.

At this point, we’re very close to assembly! Of the wood remaining, we just have some 2×2 and 2×4 pieces that will serve as cross braces, and some decking. There will be two decking boards that need to get notched, but other than that… all the rest is installation.

We’re thinking the easiest way to do that is setting them up outside, first. Given their size and weight, it just seems the most feasiable way to go about it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like an after-work thing… so it may be a Saturday project.

In my head, I’d love to get both boxes assembled on the same day. But given my track record for estimation during this process… maybe let’s just shoot for one and see what happens.

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