Bang Bang, South Beach

Yesterday morning, Liz and I went to Bang Bang Pie for breakfast. We’re starting South Beach again today, and decided we would have one final indulgent meal out – and Bang Bang Pie was it!

Ever since we first came here, I’ve been enamored of the biscuits and pie. I’m both grateful and sad that I now live so far away from this delicious, delicious place.

While I went shopping for supplies, Liz trekked up to Skokie to find the final ingredient she needed for our garden box soil (pine bark mulch).

Starting tonight, we’ll be cooking more and eating a little healthier. On Phase 1, it’s mostly protein and veggies. No starch, no pastas or breads, no sugars, no fruit. No alcohol.

I’m ok with no sugar, but the no alcohol thing is going to be a big buzz kill (see what I did there). All in all though, it’ll be better. I’m thinking if I end up losing weight, a lot of it will come just from the absence of wine/beer.

Phase 1 lasts for two weeks. I weighed myself this morning and I clocked in at 202.2 – which is heavy, but not the heaviest I’ve been before.

While I would like to lose some weight, I think the big goal of this switch is to have us cook a little more often and to eat a little better. We started to order out a great deal, and that was hurting our pocketbook (and our waist lines).

Liz prepped us both a ton of snacks, and I’m trying to get back into the rhyhtm of eating a little bit of something, every few hours. So far today, we had scrambled eggs (with Egg Beaters) and Canadian bacon for breakfast. Then some cauliflower and hummus as a mid-morning snack. Then a small V8 for an early afternoon snack.

I’m currently eating a Jimmy John’s unwich (a sandwich without bread – it’s a horrible, messy experience). I’ve also got two hard boiled eggs as a late afternoon snack.

We’ll see how this goes. I’ve had the good fortune of losing a lot of weight quickly on this diet before, but I think the overall amount seemed to lessen the more times we tried it.

First two weeks won’t be so bad. What I’m not looking forward to is picking up running again, which we’ll do once the weather changes.

And by “changes” I mean stays consistent for more than 20 minutes at a time.

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