Email, Mistaken Identity, and a Weird Sandwich

From time to time, I’ll email myself some notes. Rather than write anything down or compose things directly on my phone, it’s oftentimes faster for me to just crack open Gmail and send myself the notes in a message.

As of today, it’s been about 4 days since Liz and I started South Beach again. With the first phase of the diet, there’s a lot of things we have to avoid (sugar, starches, grains). A challenge is that we can’t have any rice or bread or pasta, so in turn it requires a certain amount of planning or cooking the night before.

While we’ve been good with cooking this week, I didn’t have anything available for lunch today. So I figured I’d go to Jimmy John’s and get an “Unwich” (a version of their sandwiches, but wrapped in lettuce instead of bread).

I’d gotten their Vito sandwich in the past, but started to think it was a bit too fatty – so I opted for their roast beef sandwich instead. It comes with mayo (something we have to avoid), so I started looking around on their website to figure out what I could substitute, instead of… you know… eating a slab of roast beef on lettuce.

I saw mustard was on the list, and that’s something allowed in by the diet. So I figured – what the hell, it’s better than nothing. Then I started to see that there were other vegetables available (for free) – and also figured, well… the more food the merrier. So I started adding almost everything that came free: cucumbers, onions, sprouts.

I ended up jotting down this mishmash of ingredients in an email, added myself in the “To:” field, and sent it off.

Usually, messages sent to myself pop up instantaenously in Gmail. But when a few seconds went by with no message, I started to wonder. I went into my “Sent” messages, and realized my mistake: I had sent it to the wrong Felix Jung.

As of right now, somewhere in the world (probably Germany)… there’s a Felix Jung who just got a super cryptic email about a messed-up sounding sandwich, and is wondering just what in the hell is going on.

You might wonder why I have the email address of someone else who’s named Felix Jung. Well, I did a 20×2 Chicago presentation where I tried to contact all the different Felix Jungs in the world that I could find.

I’m figuring – since I sent off my weird ass sandwich to one person, why not just share it with the world? So here you go.

It’s not what I would call delicious, but it’ll pass. The textures are a bit weird, in that I’m not really expecting the flavor of roast beef paired with the crunchiness of cucumbers. But for the short term, I guess this thing works.

Is mustard on roast beef weird? It seems weird to me. Maybe the veggies mixed wtih this thing are weirder though.

Update: Felix wrote back! And not Germany, apparently. Switzerland.

Took less than 40 minutes for a reply. But I guess that’s not surprising. I’m usually pretty good about repsonding to emails…

from myself.

// Update: Ok, so I did a little bit of digging through my email archives, and realized that this particular Felix Jung actually contacted me first, back in 2012! A full two years before my 20×2 talk!

At the time, he had accidentally sent an email to me by mistake. And looking at that old email, it seems he was in Germany at the time (so I was kinda right).

This means that his wrong email led to my wrong email back, many years later. How about that for a bit of symmetry!

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