Basement Plants

Snapped these photos a few days ago, prior to us going out to work on the garden boxes in the rain.

I’ve lost track of all the various things Liz is currently growing. It’s a lot of stuff. Rest assured, she has a log book somewhere with a lot of detailed notes as to what thing needs how much water, how much light, etc.

I think these guys are sunflowers?

In back there, the start of some spaghetti squash.

Liz, about to do some transplanting. I remarked that with our basement in the state that it’s in, this whole area looked like some kind of ramshackle meth lab.

I’m still about 30% convinced she’s actually down here making meth.

She’s been hauling a lot of soil up and down the basement stairs ladder. Part of the process involves her microwaving this stuff for a little bit, before it can be used. Which again, to me implies some kind of meth connection, but… what do I know.

Since we started South Beach about a week ago, I haven’t really had a ton of cravings. But earlier today, I spotted the Black Velvet Nebula Cake and that’s instantly what I thought of when I saw this soil.

It’s amazing to watch Liz when she gets into a new project (especially if it’s a new subject matter), as she goes all-in.

There was a time not too long ago when Liz didn’t really sew – and now she’s made the lionshare of her daily wardrobe. She really picks up things quickly.

We’ve got a good number of plants doing well in the basement, getting ready to go outside soon-ish. Like mother, like daughter.

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