The Bunny Rabbits are Remodeling Their House, Just Like Us

This weekend, while making breakfast, Liz and I heard a big *THUMP* that came from the bunny cottage.

On closer inspection, we found that Daisy had chewed through the first floor – causing enough damage that the ramp more or less collapsed.

Here she is, wondering “How did I get down here so fast?”

We’d been hearing Daisy bite and rip at the cardboard inside the cottage, but didn’t realize things had gotten to this point. I wish I had some video to share, as there were moments she got so into ripping into the walls… the whole cottage would teeter back and forth like it was moving.

Detail view of the damage.

The funny thing to keep in mind is: Daisy is essentially doing a ton of demo in the bunny rabbit cottage, which exists inside our house… where we are doing a ton of renovations.

She took out a floor? We took out a floor. She removed the ramp to the first floor? We removed the stairs to the basement. And so it goes.

My joke was that we needed to get the rabbits a pet hamster, and put that guy inside the bunny cottage. Once we provide the hamster with a tiny hamster house, the full home renovation meta-joke would be complete.

Despite all the construction on the first floor, I saw Phineas sitting proudly on the top floor – like, no big thing. But of course, he’s a fearless little guy.

For now the cottage is still stable, despite the damage Daisy’s inflicted. We’ll have to keep an eye on things though – if it gets too much worse, we’ll probably have to remove it entirely.

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