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It’s been just about two weeks since Liz and I started on South Beach again. All in all, it’s been a relatively easy transition. The hardest parts for us, I think, have mostly involved cooking in the evenings. We got used to ordering out way too much, and have been getting adjusted to spending time each night preparing our own meals.

During the first week, we took great pains to cook enough so that we had food for the following day’s lunch. In the second week, we’ve toned that down a bit – where I’ve opted to forego any leftovers, and have contented myself with eating at Chipotle (a bowl with no rice or cheese), or having my weird JJ sandwiches.

All in all, I haven’t felt too taxed by this diet. There have been moments where I found myself still hungry, but never uncomfortably so. I’d eat a full meal, and though my stomach would tell me I was full… my brain was saying otherwise. When this happened, I usually supplemented with some cheese or almonds/cashews.

I think it’s due to the lack of fat, as I now eye cashews and almonds like they’re made out of gold.

That first week, I saw a pretty dramatic weight drop (down to about 198). The second week, there was some loss… but definitely very small. I think I’m around 196 right now. Dropping 6 pounds in two weeks is really quite fast, as I understand things – so I’m glad for that.

I do feel lighter, as weird as that sounds. I remember this sensation from the prior times we did South Beach. Makes some bit of sense, since I’m techincally not carrying around a tiny little bowling ball anymore, everywhere I go.

It’s also been two weeks without alcohol of any kind. I missed it at first, but now I’m marveling at how much I was drinking previously – almost unconsciously. I’d have a glass of wine after work while surfing on the computer at home, that kind of thing.

The only few times I missed alcohol was at the end of a long day working outside.

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PS: Not a fan of Budweiser, but a fan of the photo.

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