Meeting Joe Barbari and Sasha the Parrot at Bel-Port Liquors

On Saturday, right before walking across the street to Schubas for 20×2 ChicagoLiz and I stopped at a liquor store to get some breath mints. My mouth was getting a little dry, and I wanted something prior to my talk… and this was the closest place I spotted.

On walking up the counter, I saw the man at the register had a parrot on his arm! After paying for my mints, I learned the bird’s name was Sasha. As a joke, I asked if Sasha was an employee and the man said “She’s the boss!”

I asked to take a photo, and the man was suggesting that I also hold Sasha – offering her out to me on his outstretched arm.

I was just interested in the photo, but Liz jumped at the opportunity.

Funny enough, this is not the first time we’ve randomly encountered a parrot.

Sadly, on doing a search for “Bel-Port Liquors,” I learned that the store will be closing in a few weeks.

We just walked in here on Saturday, and this article looks to have been just published this morning! What sad news.

If you’re in the area, think about stopping by Bel-Port Liquors at 1362 W. Belmont Avenue, on the corner of Belmont and Southport. You can stop in to meet both Joe and Sasha, and get to hear her say “goodbye” for the last time.

// Edit: Just saw on Twitter that there’s been an update, and a chance that Joe and Sasha might not have to leave after all!

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  1. Ummm… Felix I think I want ‘a Sasha’ now. :D One more pet wouldn’t make things too crazy right???

    Liz Reply

    • Sure thing. Parrot. Then a miniature pig. Then a dog. We’re one small step from turning into Dr. Doolittle’s waiting room…

      avoision Reply

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