Garden Box Construction, Part 10

Wow, we’ve hit the double digits now. Well… after a brief hiatus, Liz and I were finally able to head out in the backyard after work today. Though we had a full weekend, we felt we needed to get this moving again, and began work on filling the back garden box (which has sat, somewhat empty, since we got the drain tubes installed).

Needed some more coir, and had this guy soaking up water while we worked.

The first base mixture, applied to the back garden box. I’m honestly not sure what exactly goes in all this – I just know that there are different mixtures (one for the bottom, closest to where the water will be… and another for the top).

I don’t really keep track of the details – I just lift the bags, and mix things up as I’m told.

While we partially filled the back box up, Liz began pulling out soil from the first garden box.

She’s been unhappy with the original mixture since we filled it up, and wanted to readjust the ratios a bit more. So she scooped off a lot of the top layer, and we remixed it on the tarp.

Liz, rechecking the consistency of the new batch.

After the remix, we started on a whole new round of new soil.

Liz, working on making things level.

And here we are! Done, or rather almost, almost done… as we still need to trim off the pond lining.

This guy should be ready to go! We ran out of some of the soil we need for the mixture, so the back garden box is maybe 1/3 full. And unfortunately, we’ll have to head out to the suburbs in order to find more of it. So that’s a little delayed (fear not, there will be a part 11).

But for now, this box should be at a point where Liz can begin moving some of her plants outside.


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