Suddenly, Star Wars

Leaving work yesterday, I walked out the front doors to our building to encounter… a group of Star Wars protesters. It was a little confusing at first, as to why they chose this particular spot, but it slowly dawned on me what was going on.

There is a plan underway to get the George Lucas museum here in Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in favor of it, but has encountered opposition from a group called “Friends of the Park.”

The protesters here were in favor of the museum, and were showing their support for Lucas (and Star Wars). Fitting that this took place on May the Fourth.

Stay in Chicago George… You’re our only hope.

Art Not Parking Lots

You may be thinking: “Jar Jar Binks? Really?”

The text on the Jar Jar sign says “Meesa Friends of the Parking Lot,” which is a jab at the “Friends of the Park” group who opposed the museum.

I found it funny that even the Star Wars Protest Nerds hate Jar Jar.

Damn, That’s the Best Light Saber I’ve Ever Seen
Baroque Star Wars, by Mattias Adolfsson
Millenium Falcon T-Shirt
Suddenly, Rod
Suddenly, Cantonese

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