The Art of Dealing with Slow Walkers Who Are In Your Way

Whenever I’m walking down the street and I run into a group of people moving slowly, I get frustrated. I usually will try to find a way around them, but if it’s a large group… sometimes, there’s nothing you can do but roll your eyes, slow your pace, and shuffle along until there’s an opening.

When moments like this occur, I found a fun trick that seems to lessen my impatience. Rather than get upset at how slowly we’re all moving, I like to imagine that I’m participating in a slow motion football game.

I’ve got the football, I’m running towards the end zone, and the people in front of me are my blockers. My slow motion, slow moving blockers. And they’re just clearing out a path for me.

During these moments, the slow-motion football trick really does seem to help! You can also add your own variations: the score’s tied, and it’s the last play of the game; you’re worried about a public intox charge that might threaten your college scholarship; and so on.

Weirdly? This trick works remarkably well – I end up laughing more times than I end up frustrated.

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