Peace Pop: Extra-Large Bubble Wrap Street Art Installation, Chicago

Spotted this on my way in to work this AM. I was looking down at it as I walked by, and decided to turn around to get a better view. This was right outside the Chicago Cultural Center, on the west side of the entrance.

View from the steps.

I walked to the other end, and leaned in for a closer look. It appeared to be colored circles, or possibly stickers on the underside.

Lots of bubbles.

At this point, I heard a voice yell out to me “You can walk on it.”

I looked up, and saw a photographer leaning against the wall. I assumed he was hanging out, waiting for someone… but I found out that he was the artist responsible for the installation (titled “Peace Pop”).

His name was Bob Faust, and he said the piece was part of a temporary thing, designed to only be outside until about noon.

At first, I don’t quite think I put the whole bubble and bubble wrap thing together in my head. When he said I could walk on it, my response was: “I don’t want to ruin it all for other people,” fearing I’d somehow use up all the pops.

He told me that the bubble wrap was “surprisingly resilient,” and that I should try walking on it – that it was very satisfying. And he was right!

Encountering this totally made by day, and I walked away with a huge smile on my face. It was one of those random encounters that just filled me with a sense of joy and wonder, when I was least expecting it.

As I walked past someone headed towards the piece, I suggested she walk on it. A few steps later, I heard Bob’s voice calling out to the woman, telling her to do the same.

Unexpected Peace
*pop* *pop* *pop* *pop*
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