Texas Trip: Jennifer and Dean’s Wedding

On Saturday morning, Liz and I met up with several folks to go shopping for shoes (several of the aunts were planning on buying Converse sneakers, to match the ones the bride would be wearing). We met up with Annette, Clayton, Jenny, Debbie, and Nancy.

Afterwards, several of us went over to Aunt Nancy’s house to visit for a bit, before the start of the wedding.

L to R it’s Aunt Jenny, Aunt Debbie, and Aunt Nancy.

Looking out into the bay, from the back porch. A really lovely view.

Took this photo to mark the moment: it was storming outside, and the power went out in the entire hotel. Things kicked back on about three seconds before I took this picture.

Driving to the church. Note the street sign in the middle of the road, that had blown off due to the storm.

There was a lot of rain coming down, so much so that I ended up waiting in the car… hoping for a pause so I could make the dash inside.

At the reception – Jennifer and Dean walking in as man and wife.

The newlyweds, being toasted by their friends.

Our table.

The bachelors, waiting to be next.

At the end of the night, the bride and groom walked down a corridor surrounded by all the wedding guests, holding large sparklers.

L to R it’s Aunt Jenny, Aunt Debbie, and Liz.

Connor, exhausted from a full night of dancing.

Showing off the shoes.

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