Aimless in Austin, Day 1: Driving from Houston, Stopping at Buc-ee’s, and Arriving at the Hotel San Jose

After visiting again at Aunt Nancy’s house around noon (several family members came by, along with the bride and groom, to eat a bit and visit)… Liz and I hit the road. We left Houston around 3PM, and spent the next few hours making our way to Austin.

We were told by Aunt Debbie that we should keep an eye out for a Buc-ee’s (clean bathrooms, decent food).

Walking inside, I wasn’t really ready for the enormity of the place.

The bathrooms were indeed stellar. And there were several options for food. And a lot of grocery items all branded wtih the Buc-ee’s beaver.

After checking in to our room, at the Hotel San José.

View into the bedroom.

Looking at the desk area.

Bathroom view.

Lyrics from Gary LaVox on the bathroom wall.

A fun thing: a Geneva sound system that works as a radio, and also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

And a totally geeky thing I spotted in the booklet in the room: there was a manual typewriter that guests could “check out” from the front desk. It was open when I asked, and so it’s sitting here in the room with us.

Now I need to figure out something to write.

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