Aimless in Austin, Day 5: Goodbye to the Hotel San Jose

Today was mostly a travel day, as we headed back to Chicago. So we opted for a basic breakfast delivered to the room while we packed up our things. I took a few photos of the hotel where we stayed, the lovely Hotel San Jose.

Looking down one of the pathways. I believe the bar/lounge area is on the left.

This led to our room. On the right, past the fence is a small pool and beyond that is the outdoor bar/lounge.

Looking down a corridor leading to a nice, public area – along with more (fancier) rooms.

Right outside our front door. We had a private front patio area, which we ultimately didn’t use.

The door to our room!

If you’re curious to see some of the interior, check out the photos from our arrival, a few days ago.

We lucked out with the weather. It appeared to show rain the entire time we were in Texas… and it really only got bad on the days that we traveled. While we were in Austin, the weather was overcast – but we never really had to break out the umbrellas.

It must be something about the timing of when we visit Texas, though. I’m slowly associating the state with heavy rains.

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