Sealing the Basement Walls, and Backyard Fence Prep Day 2

Day two, and we’re back at it in the basement – looking to apply a second coat on the walls.

Perhaps hard to tell, but it’s looking whiter and thicker.

Applying the second coat was much faster, as we ended up using a roller. Liz feels we found a good rhythm with me on the roller, and her following-up with a paint brush for the detail work.

Our next steps involve moving things into this corner, and shuffling things around so that we can apply the masonry waterproofer to all the other walls.

Back outside! As we dug more, we found more bricks. This one is from Alliance Clay Product Company (Ohio).

Liz, clearing more weeds out of the way.

My job: tackling the larger roots still stuck in the ground. There was a lot we could just pull and hulk out of the ground (Liz says our soil in Hyde Park is really good, and most other places you wouldn’t be able to pluck things out like this). But the stuff I was wrangling with needed a shovel, and needed a lot of digging to get exposed.

Shears, and a small weight on a string – to show where the fence would be going.

This is a demon stick. An hour or so later, I would find some of its evil brothers and sisters.

Taking a break on the front steps, drinking water and having lunch. Looked up and spotted a neighbor.

This is what I’ll call “Area 1.” Lots of roots, and nothing that would come out easily despite my pulling. So I had to dig in.

The more I cleared away, the worse things got.

This would be Area 2. On the right there? That would be the demon stick. I had an impossible time clearing anything away, as my shovel would run into another thick root. So most of this had to clear away by hand.

The nuclear option: using the Sawzall.

Area 1: Cleared!

Did I mention that we encountered some brick during the course of our work?

Area 2: Not… really cleared. There’s more exposed, and I think at this point it’s going to remain as-is for a little while. The next time we come back to the yard, we’ll clear more away and then just saw down and cut whatever we can expose.

While we were sitting on the porch, drinking a beer after a full day… I happened to check Twitter and saw a DM from Meagan. Turns out, I never saw the invite to the going-away party she and Michael were throwing!

A quick shower and a Lyft ride later, I walked in to Black Iron Tavern to celebrate their imminent departure to warmer climes.

This is a horrible photo, but it’s all I got from the night. Meagan at one point shouted out “This room is full of all my favorite people!”

I had several lovely conversations, and spent a lot of time in particular with Kim and Clint… talking about Front End Dev stuff, work, meaning, and what our futures might hold.

I ducked out earlier than normal, as I was fading pretty badly by around 9:30PM. But I was happy to have shown up to raise a glass farewell, even if I did probably still smell a bit like insect repellent.

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