We Have a New Fence!

It is… enormous! It feels massive, and weird, and awesome. There’s a part of me that feels like I’ve just snubbed our neighbors in a very big way, but there’s another part of me that feels like we’ve taken a big step into turning our backyard into a private little retreat.

Liz has been envisioning a lot of what she wants to do with the backyard, and until now… I’ve had a hard time visualizing much of anything. With this new fence in place, it’s felt like a blank canvas – and is quite exciting.

We had a decision to make in terms of whether we wanted the “nicer” part of the fence to face inward or outward. Ultimately, we went with the cleaner side facing inward. I feel this goes against what most folks do, but we chose this fence based on this particular look/side… and since it’s not all that visible from the street, we opted for the nicer looking side.

We’ve got a clean line now along this side of our yard, with lots of room to plant things. We’ve got one garden box full, and another ready to be finalized. This yard is going to be bursting with plants very soon!

Sealing the Basement Walls, and Backyard Fence Prep Day 1
Sealing the Basement Walls, and Backyard Fence Prep Day 2
Backyard Fence Prep Day 3
Backyard Fence Prep Day 4
Backyard Fence Installation, Day 1
Backyard Fence Installation, Day 2

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