Bunny Power Struggle

Hard to see it here, but there’s a small struggle for power taking place. Mostly, it’s Phineas and Daisy being cute. But originally, it was just Phineas sitting next to me.

Then, when Daisy saw he was getting attention, she sauntered right over and plopped down next to him. She’ll get impatient if I’m petting Phineas, and will start pushing into my leg to voice her displeasure.

Usually, I can do something where I’m petting one bunny and it kind of feels like I’m petting the other. That seems to settle Daisy down a bit.

It’s still hard for me to tell who the Alpha is. For a while there, I’d say it was Daisy, since she was always the one being groomed by Phineas.

But in the mornings, when I feed them, it’s Phineas who immediately starts chasing Daisy around – and Phineas who gets to the food first, while Daisy cautiously approaches.

Shortly after this photo, Daisy turned around and started humping Phineas’ head. The battle continues.

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