A Briefcase Full of Tools

Over the weekend, I cracked open a briefcase that had come into my possesion. A few months ago, our neighbor Dawn asked if I wanted any of the tools that were left in their building by the former occupants of our house.

I said sure, and got a circular saw… and this briefcase.

Looking around inside, Bob and I weren’t sure what the tools were for. There was a small assortment of springs, some oil…

Bob was stumped by this thing, and had no idea what it was for. Using the stamped info on the side, we did a quick Google search and found that it was a Typebar Adjustment tool, for typewriters.

The moment we saw “typewriter,” things started to make more sense. Many of the screwdrivers were small and very lengthy – allowing someone to be able to reach far into a small space.

The fact that everything was kept in a briefcase suggested the repair person travelled a lot. Imagine that – a travelling typewriter repairman.

Upper level-324 W Hastings
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6
604 689-4297

I think I may have found the address online. The space is currently used by Venus & Mars Clothing Co.. Their address is just a bit off (on their website, it lists V6B1K6). But maybe the typewriter repairman was in an office above the ground floor?

Old Keys, Reynolds Metals Company, McCook, Illinois
Truth Machine, Wolff’s Flea Market

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  1. Down the street from there is Vancouver Film School where my hubby teaches a class in screenwriting!! :)

    Miki Reply

    • FADE IN


      CLOSEUP OF GLOBE pulls back to reveal multiple globes situated side by side as part of a window display. Camera pans back to reveal the door, and then the sign for the shop: Small World.

      avoision Reply

  2. How on earth did this make it’s way into our house from Canada?! How interesting…

    Liz Reply

    • Bob and I had a theory that maybe the prior owner of our house killed a typewriter repair guy.

      avoision Reply

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