Gregory Alan Isakov @ Thalia Hall

Tonight, Liz and I went to go see Gregory Alan Isakov perform at Thalia Hall.

We arrived early, and though I usually am the one to over-plan things… I didn’t make reservations at Dusek’s. For some reason, I figured we could just waltz in and get a table before the show. Apparently, everyone else thought the same thing. And also made reservations.

With a 45 minute wait, we ended up going downstairs to Punch House (which I thought was across the street). We grabbed some seats at the bar, had a drink, and ordered some food.

I had “A Love Supreme,” which has: Cutty Sark Prohibition, Sparkling Wine, Dark Matter Coffee Syrup, Lime, Chocolate Bitters. There was this chocolate note that kicked in about 5 seconds after you took a drink. It was really wonderful!

Inside Thalia Hall, milling about.

A view of the entrance. There are raised platforms on either side (a nice touch), as well as a row of chairs. Liz and I snagged two seats for the opening act, and ended up moving closer to the edge of the platform for the main performance.

The venue is quite great. Very open, and it never felt crowded. There’s also a nice balcony area (which I wasn’t able to find tickets for), along with some opera seats that look pretty snazzy.

Here’s a short intro to “Amsterdam,” which is a lovely song. The moment it began, I knew what it was… and just wanted to capture a bit of it to share.

It really is a great song. If you’re curious to hear the full song, check out the official music video. I’ve also got links to all the other posts I’ve made about Isakov’s music in the links, below.

Most of the concert images I took are all the same, so this is about all I have.

Liz and I were thinking back to the last time we actually went to a show (it’s been a really, really [really]) long time.

She thinks the last show we attended may have been when Dave performed with Jens Lekman at Logan Square Auditorium.

Which was… back in 2007. Yeouch.

I guess there technically was that concert at Sainte Chapelle last year. But beyond that, it may have been the Logan Square concert.

Outside, after the concert.

Two jokers, hamming it up for the camera. Wokka wokka.

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