Car Accident, Hyde Park

On our way to the train station this morning, Liz and I spotted a lot of emergency vehicles in the street. It looked like they were manning the intersection… and so we decided to cross over a little earlier than normal.

On getting closer, we realized that one of the cars was actually flipped on its side!

As we were (slowly) cross the street, we were gawking and trying to figure out just what happened. How could one car be on its side, and the other car be so close (almost touching)? How did they wind up that way?

A closer view.

It appeared that the car on its side was pointed towards the right, and was possibly in the process of turning left. And was struck by the other car. Hoping no one was seriously hurt.

Oddly, this is not the first flipped car to make it on the blog. Many years ago, thanks to Mike, I learned about a car rollover safety demonstration happening downtown.

I still think about that demonstration, to this day – it was very jarring and eye-opening.

Car Rollover and Seat Belt Safety Demonstration, Downtown Chicago

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