A Large Hole in the Backyard

Today, I was working from home due to a crew coming from The Care of Trees to clear out more of the large tree trunk/roots in our backyard.

They were the company that first removed our trees, and we had asked them back to grind down the stump near where the new fence was going in.

But after we started to beautify the backyard, we ran into another large section of trunk/roots.

So today, a crew came back again. The guy I worked with, Danny, was kind enough to offer to do the job for free – since we had shown that part of the area was where we had asked them to work, previously. But that felt wrong, since we also discovered a newer section of roots that we needed removing, which had previously been under sod – and not part of that prior work.

So we settled on a smaller bill, with part of it waived due to the crew not getting everything 100% last time.

Later in the early evening, I found myself sitting on our back porch, staring up at the sky. I loved how there seemed to be this invisible line, separating the clouds from one part to the next. For some reason, it made me think of work on the house: some parts clear, some parts still to go.

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