Found Note in the Chimney

Liz and I did a lot of cleaning on Saturday, getting the downstairs into a more livable state. We ended up giving away our old couch (sadly), because we still had it wrapped in plastic from our original move… and we were keeping it around for some future date, when we’d have a working living room. And that date is pretty far away still – so we opted to go for more space, by giving it away.

We also are trying to give away the piano that came with the house, which we kept when we closed on the house. But again, given the limited space we have… it needs to find another home.

On clearing out the piano, we are able to see the fireplace in the living room once more. Inside, Liz found this note.


I have go(ne) to the little store because you would not take me to the store. I going to get a pop(sicle)


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