Little Mementos

As we were cleaning last weekend, Liz found something from the large pile of things she got from her mom, when packing up the Frankfort house: a box of Liz’s baby teeth.

After showing me the box (and shaking it like a rattle), I asked her “Why did your mom keep that?” Liz responded with “I don’t know.”

A few moments later, she said “I’m going to throw this away.”

I immediately protested, and almost blurted out “You can’t just throw that away!” But then caught myself, as I realized what I was about to say.

Liz responded back with “Why would I keep these?”

My only answer: “In case we need to clone you, in the future.”

Liz Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Removed
Early Artwork By Liz
More Early Artwork by Liz
Brushing My Teeth Like a Crazy Person


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