South Beach Cheating

Got home, and given how nice it was outside… I decided to go camp out on the back porch. Since we now have chairs and a table back here, I’ve found myself more drawn to spend time out here.

I ended up talking with Justin for a good while, catching up on things. We chatted about work, travel, Detroit, and (of course) some tech nerdery.

We finished talking around 7:30 – around the time Liz got home, and a bit after it was time to give the bunnies their dinner. So I ended up packing things up.

But the day was just so nice, I should have stayed out another two hours. Though I had my computer with me, I didn’t code… I didn’t surf the web. I just enjoyed the conversation and the day. Thinking I need to do this more.

// Edit:
Just remembered what I titled this post, and so far nothing I’ve written relates to South Beach at all.

On my way home, I grabbed a bottle of wine. Lately, I’ve had a harder time keeping “true” to our SB diet. I’ve gotten used to our snacks, and for me the cravings for forbidden food (starches, mostly) comes and goes. But the harder thing for me is the craving for alcohol.

I’m still seeing the needle moving downwards, so the extra beer(s) I’ve snuck this week and last haven’t been causing me to gain wait. Still, I’m finding more and more excuses for wanting a beer at the end of the day.

So my solution: switch to wine.

I’m not tracking my weight daily, as I know weight tends to bounce around 2-3 pounds, day to day. But the last time I checked… I clocked in around 186. I forget exactly where I started, but I’ve lost around 15-17 pounds at least since we began. Not too shabby.

Perhaps it’s time for a celebratory victory beer?

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