Alicia Keys: Hallelujah

Found this track via Spotify, and I was hooked pretty immediately. I know Keys is a famous musician, but to date… I hadn’t really heard much by her before now. Guess it’s time to do a little more listening to some of her prior work.

But… time enough for that later. This song has been the most recent looped audio, for me.

I’m a fan of the key changes that take place. Specifically, here (at 0:53):

Won’t you give me a sign
before I lose my mind
Woah, Hallelujah, let me in

I’m sure these key changes are basic, and there’s some common term for the switch from major/minor. Whatever it is, I want to say it’s similar to what drew me in to the song “One Heart,” by Leftover Cuties.

Something about them – these key changes are just so satisfying for me. I could listen to them all day long.

And in a way, I am.

Hallelujah: Norwegian Variation
Leftover Cuties: One Heart

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