Installing a Brick Path Along the Parkway

Liz and I kicked off the holiday weekend by putting on our work clothes, and working on beautifying the parkway (or “road verge,” or whatever you call it).

Liz has had a brick walkway in mind for some time now – partly as a decorative element, and partly as a means or people to walk through the parkway without stepping on our plants.

After setting the bricks roughly in place, we used a garden house as a kind of marker.

The path leads from the sidewalk, around a tree, and to the other side.

With the garden hose and extra bricks as markers, we started to remove a bit of soil.

Liz, walking by one of two large garbage bins we filled with soil.

Taking a break, picking up two lemonades from a lemonade stand that two neighborhood kids had set up outside their house. It felt like a really great neighborhood moment – as this marks the first official lemonade we purchased… made using child labor.

The brick path cleared and tamped down.

Bricks set in place, near the start.

Bricks set in place, near the end.

Using some of the soil to fill back in the trench. Luckily for us, we used the extra leftover soil to fill in the large hole in the backyard.

The path set, and the parkway covered in mulch.

A lovely view of the path and flowers.

The curve around the tree.

Liz, giving the path its first, ahem, walkthrough.

Another shot here, because this just looked so pretty.

The parkway with mulch and a new brick path. Hard to believe that just last year, the area was completely covered in day lillies.

After our day working outside, I’m reminded how awesome married life is.

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