Drinks at Lower Broadway

On Saturday, Liz and I ventured out to meet up with Jake and Anais for some drinks. The spot we were to meet was a kind of weird one – the directions we had were vague, and had a series of steps, as opposed to an actual address.

After turning down an alley, going behind some restuarants, and walking past two waiters on a smoke break, we took some stairs down one level.

We then walked down through a ramshackle corridor, only to find a door at the end.

Past that, we walked by some storage areas.

Inside – we found the place!

It’s actually called Lower Broadway, and is billed as a kind of speakeasy joint that’s located below Brendan’s Pub.

And also, to our surprise, we found James! Who was in town briefly, after attending the Gn’R show. About an hour or so after we arrived, he had to take off to go catch a plane home.

L to R it’s Anais, Liz, and James (sadly, I didn’t get to snap Jake’s photo).

A shot of the bar (with an enormous Powers whiskey logo on it). Lately, it seems we’ve gone out to a lot of bars located beneath things: Punch House, and before that Three Dots and a Dash.

I like the whole hidden bar thing, even if the novelty of finding “hidden bars” is becoming commonplace. While there was a door that led here directly from the bar above, I definitely enjoyed the path we took to get in.

And also definitely enjoyed the company, once we arrived.

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