Beautifying the Backyard, Continued

After work on Tuesday, Liz and I decided to roll up our sleeves for some time in the backyard. Though we were sluggish after the long weekend off, today was going to be cooler than the rest of the week… so we decided to work.

The above is my rough work with an edger. I… need more practice. Particularly with curves.

While I was tending to the yard, Liz was using some soil I picked up to fill in the large hole in our backyard… and to put some additional plants in the ground.

Liz, hard at work.

Doing a little better with the edger, at least on straight edges.

After repeatedly forgetting for weeks on end, I’ve finally succeeded in edging first, and then mowing the lawn – and not the other way around.

After I finished mowing the lawn and Liz finishd with her plants, we convened at the second/back garden box.

While the things in the first garden box have exploded (I need to share some more photos of that guy), the back has been a bit slower to catch up. But today, some of the lettuces have definitely kicked up a notch. The boxes are starting to look very, very full.

I’m still in awe that we built these things. When I stop to take a step back, it’s just crazy to see them so full.

A Large Hole in the Backyard
Beautifying the Backyard

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