Suddenly, Art

Around 12:30PM, I was relocating to the other office across the street. When I got outside, I saw the tail end of a procession of young ladies… each of them carrying a very large canvas.

It was such a neat thing to glimpse, and after a few moments of marveling at this long line… I took out my camera and tried to grab a photo or two.

I had to run to catch up to them at the intersection, but got this one image right before they crossed.

I really wish I could have spoken to some of them, or could have talked to the person at the front of the line. How awesome would it have been if I could have taken a photo featuring all of them, holding all of their pieces?

Up until this point in time, it was another normal Wednesday at work, with me doing normal Wednesday things. Seeing this shook me out of my routine, and it was an absolute breath of fresh air. My only regret is that I couldn’t follow them, to see where they (and all their art) ultimately ended up.

I don’t care that it’s not technically correct – I’m still gonna use the “street art” tag here.

Egg Umbrellas
Random Art Project
Peace Pop: Extra-Large Bubble Wrap Street Art Installation, Chicago

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