Valparaiso to Indianapolis

We are on a bit of a road trip, visiting family in both Valparaiso and Indianapolis. Last night, we stopped to stay the night in Valpo and visited with Tricia (who is in town with Sebastian, Audrey, and Paige).

We spent a good while in the yard, just playing around. Me and Sebastian kicked a ball around for a bit, playing a rather impromptu game of soccer (if the ball got past you, it counted as a goal).

We ended up including Audrey and Savannah in the mix, with the three of us against Sebastian. We didn’t really keep score, but if you ask Sebastian he’ll tell you he won.

One of the toys from the kids. I actually have no idea what this is from. I thought it might be from Lord of the Rings, but… I don’t recall any ogres or orcs having an eye in the middle of their foreheads, or mouths in their eye sockets.

Not World of Warcraft. I’m at a loss – any ideas?

The monster also had some kind of mask (that honestly reminded me of the Scarerow’s mask from Batman Begins). And there was some other animal that, again, looked like a Warg (and made me think of LOTR). But still not sure where this thing is from.

Tricia, taking a photo of the girls. L to R it’s Savannah, Paige, and Audrey.

Sebastian and Savannah, posing for photos.

After the kids went to bed, I hung out with Savannah for a while. I showed her an app called Prisma (similar to Malevich).

We combined her photo with Mondrian’s style, and came up with this.

The next morning, Paige was messing around with her loose tooth. This was taken shortly after she decided to just yank it out herself (her tooth is in the ziplock bag she’s holding).

Perhaps Tricia will hang onto the tooth for safekeeping.

On our trek to Indianapolis, Liz spotted a random little dog in the middle of the road. We stopped, and the little guy was just all “Hey, what’s going on?”

She nabbed him, and tried walking over to the house nearby to see if he belonged to them. The dog ended up hopping out of her arms, but seemed to know his way around the house (and was headed towards the garage). Liz said he was a “country dog,” and knew his way around.

In Indy, while Liz was with the other ladies attending Courtney’s bridal shower… I was hanging out with Shane and Andrew and Jordan.

A few moments earlier, Jahnu had shown me a video of him and Jasmine when they were much younger, shimmying their way under some chairs. I offered to record him doing this again, so that he might rediscover them 5+ years from now.

Documenting things for future Jahnu. He’s going to love this photo when he turns 16.

Lazy evening at the Hutte household, hanging out with Koa (who I’m meeting for the first time, and who looked to be pretty tuckered out). I love that Koa looks like he’s recuperating after a night on the town with the other stuffed animals (the teddy bear in particular seemed to have quite the evening).

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