The Office Under the Stairs

A few days ago, I spotted this on the way to my Metra train. I passed by it initially. But then a few steps later, I realized I had never seen this particular door open before – and decided to swing back.

For reference, this is located under one of the main walkways – essentially a really long ramp, leading between two tracks from the platforms up to the station proper.

I’ve walked by this particular door numerous times – twice a day, five times a week. I always figured this was some supply closet. But to my surprise, it was an actual (mini) office!

I didn’t get a long look inside, but I saw at least one chair and one desk, a large fan, and several cases of bottled water. I was really taken at how much room there was, here.

Where I had imagined a small space, a larger space appeared. In a way, I guess this was my miniature Narnia wardrobe moment.

I’m glad I circled back, and glad I snapped a photo. It’s nothing all that special, but it still serves as a reminder that within our patterns and routines… there’s still always something new to be found, something we might have not seen before for want of looking.

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