Garden Box Explosion, Box 2

This was the last photo I took of the back/second garden box, a little over two weeks ago. Since that time, we’ve been using a great deal of the veggies to feed the bunnies (dinner) and for ourselves (salad).

I took this a day or two ago. Things are really starting to overtake the box, and before long – I imagine it’ll get even more crowded.

What’s crazy is that for the last four or five days, we’ve been able to feed the rabbits 100% with things from the garden boxes (and from a few herbs planted along the fence). They’re getting a bit less that they used to get, but the quality is definitely much higher.

Technically, the first garden box is also exploding. But… it’s been going crazy for some time now. On the right are the tomatoes, which are just starting to come in. And on the left is the spaghetti squash which, in a few more weeks, will be able to reach the garden hose on its own, and begin to water itself.

Where the spaghetti squash is touching the lawn, tiny little tendrils have actually encircled many blades of grass. When I was mowing the yard, I tried prying it loose… and then eventually gave up, and mowed around it.

I love how you can only see about 50% of the actual garden box anymore. Amazing.

Harvesting the First Spaghetti Squash
Garden Box Timelapse (Animated GIF)
Garden Box Explosion
Beautifying the Backyard, Continued

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