Counterintuitive Game Theory Examples

Today, I happened across a post titled Game Theory is Really Counterintuitive, and found myself returning to the examples throughout the day.

In particular, I found myself pulled in to the descriptions of various scenarios like this one, explaining by Warren Buffet would never pay out $1,000,000,000 for a perfect March Madness bracket:

And also this rather timely example, describing Hotelling’s Game and the Median Voter Theorem:

As the title suggest, several of the examples are really counterintuitive – like where both gunslingers in a duel should shoot at the same time, despite walking closer to increase their chances.

Though the videos are somewhat long-ish, and there’s not a ton of visuals to look at… the scenarios and explanation behind each are totally fascinating! Worth a browse and a bookmark, as there’s tons to go through here.

[via Four Short Links]

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