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I’m not sure how I first came across it, but early Monday morning I discovered Noon Pacific (whose tagline is: “the best new songs handpicked and delivered every Monday at noon from a shack in Newport Beach, California”).

I don’t have a lot of good resources for discovering new music (though I know the Internet abounds with such). I’ve taken to slogging through the New Releases each week, and relying a decent amount on Spotify’s genre/mood playlists. So the idea of getting a set of 10 new songs each week sounded quite nice.

On going through this week’s list, I found a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Alison” that I really liked. On looking further, I saw that it was by POP ETC – a band which had previously gone by the name “The Morning Benders.” Small world.

Here’s the cover:

Earlier this morning, thanks to a post by Merlin Mann, I found a whole set of new music to explore. The whole MetaFilter thread is worth checking out, as there are various links to some really great stuff.

In particular, this cover of “Oh My Darling Clementine,” by The Sweptaways:

The whole song is fantastic, but that shift to minor in the middle is just exquisite. Goosebumps indeed.

The Morning Benders: Crosseyed
Bathtub IV: Delightful Tilt-Shift Video with Helicopter

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