My New Favorite Spot

Lately, I’ve been craving this particular spot when I get home from work. Even though it’s been a little warm, and even on the particularly hot days… sitting out back, on our back porch, is a really lovely thing that I just look forward to.

When the sun dips behind our house, the whole backyard is markedly cooler. Add a slight breeze and it’s pleasant, even on a day that was uncomfortable a few hours earlier.

I’m not a huge outdoors guy. I like my artificial environments, I like my air conditioning. And it’s definitely cooler inside. But for whatever reason, I just find that sitting outside in the evenings really just feels good.

The bugs are, surprisingly, not that bad. I’m rarely bothered, despite being a mosquito magnet. There’s a small wasp nest near our back door that I’ve largely ignored, and that I need to attend to very soon… but beyond that, there’s not a huge insect problem.

It’s a nice feeling, being outside, and watching the day sink into evening. I’ll admit that the one beer sinking into two beers also doesn’t hurt. But just being out back, outside, noodling a bit on my computer or just playing music – it’s a nice feeling.

It’s surprising how often I find myself wanting to be out there, and how relaxing that seems to really be. I’ll stay out well past when the shadows get long, and in some cases I’ll still be grilling dinner by the light of my laptop.

We still have more plans to gussy up the backyard. But for now it’s still a beautiful backdrop. This small spot on the back porch feels like a little escape, a quiet space at the end of our house, a good place to nestle in at the end of a day.

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