Liz Leaves for Paris

I left work a bit early today, to meet up with Liz at the Blue Line. This may be news to some, but she is heading off to Paris for two weeks (and I’m staying in Chicago).

Each year, DePaul selects a number of employees who then get to travel to Paris and learn more about Saint Vincent de Paul, the university’s namesake. There, they travel and become more familiar with de Paul’s history and legacy, and learn more about the university’s mission.

It’s a great opportunity – and a really exciting trip! Sadly, significant others aren’t allowed to go, as this is primarily a work-related event. So while she’s off travelling and touring, it is technically all work related.

It’ll be nearly two weeks until she returns. We were talking this weekend about the time we’ve been apart from one another, and this seems to be the longest in memory (since before we were dating/married).

Standing outside the old Emmis Interactive office, near the entrance to the Red Line.

As I was here, I was reminded of T, who was kind enough to let us know that we looked happy to her.

Liz, posing for a photo in the tunnel between the Red/Blue stop at Jackson. I’m half-convinced Liz packed a larger suitcase with the hopes that I’d climb in and she’d sneak me on board the plane. Definitely a tempting thought.

I’ve had the good fortune to travel to Paris twice so far (once for our honeymoon and again just last year). While I know a large portion of the trip will be for her work, I’m still super excited she gets to go on this adventure. Looking forward to seeing her photos.

Bruges, Day 3 – Paris, Day 1
Paris, Day 2: Gallerie Tour, Relaxing with Macarons at Tuileries Garden
Paris, Day 3: Modern Art at Centre Pompidou
Paris, Day 4: Sacre Coeur, Walking Around Montmartre, and Galeries Lafayette Haussmann
Paris, Day 5: Les Puces de Vanves Flea Market, Evening Concert at Sainte Chapelle
Paris, Day 6: Fallafel, the Eiffel Tower, Yarn Shopping, and a Small Milka Problem
Paris, Day 7: Day Trip to Reims, Champagne, and Touring the Chalk Caves at Taittinger
Paris, Day 8: Rodin Museum and Saint-Sulpice Church
Paris, Day 9: Tour of Maxim’s, Le Grande Epicerie, and Dinner at Bouillon Chartier
Paris, Day 10: Wandering About, Coulee Verte, Final Drinks
Finding Out Liz and I Look Happy
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