Drinks with Kent

After work yesterday, I met up with Kent and a few of his coworkers. Well, I met them… eventually.

I suggested we meet at City Winery along the river. I got there right around 5PM, and wasn’t sure how they handled seating (some places require the full party to be present). I swore to them that I had folks coming, and got a table for four.

A few minutes after the waitress came by with menus, I got a text from Kent. He was heading over with his coworker Jeni, and they were suggesting a change of venue – and to try out Roof, at the top of the Witt Hotel.

On seeing this, it was an easy trek (the hotel is about a block away). I gave the menus back to my server, apologized, and headed out.

On arriving at the hotel, I learned the bar was closed for a private party. A few texts later, Kent and Jeni decide we’ll just meet back at City Winery.

On talking to the servers at City Winery, the guy seating people gave me a weird look. A kind of “Didn’t I just seat you 15 minutes ago” look. After I explained what happened, and asked to be seated again (and swore that this time my friends were really coming, for reals).

I did get an odd vibe from the woman who seated me. A kind of “you betrayed us once, you could do it again” kind of feel. But honestly they were kind about setting me up again. Everyone else was running late due to last-minute client work and traffic, which also worked out well since I had a bit of a wait until a new table opened up.

Funny side note: I actually have been to the top of the Witt before. It’s the bar we went to when several of us were celebrating Kevin’s bachelor party, back in 2014.

L to R it’s Michael, Kent, and Jeni. I ended up spending most of the time talking with Kent and Jeni (Michael joined us later). We chatted about work a little bit, and travel.

With the type of work that Michael, Jeni, and Kent all do… it tends to have them on the road a lot, working a lot for a set period of time. We talked about how they experienced a “feast or famine” tempo to work, much like any normal freelancer experiences.

I found the work they do pretty fascinating (they prepare materials for court cases, oftentimes PowerPoint, illustrating a particular concept). I liked hearing a bit about what goes on behind the scenes during cases, and always thought it would be neat to actually get onto a jury.

Fun conversations over wine, last night.

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