Spaceplan: Incremental Clicking Game That Involves Time Travel and… Potatoes

Stumbled across another incremental clicker game via MetaFilter called Spaceplan. Created by Jake Hollands, it’s a beautifully designed game where you and a somewhat damaged computer AI attempt to make sense of the world (and universe) around you.

It’s a really clean, well-designed game that is incredibly satisfying to interact with. The audio alone is worth checking out, with every click sounding spot-on.

There’s also an ongoing narrative that unfolds, with more revealed about the universe around you as you progress further into the game.

I really dig the look of this game, it’s super slick and clean, really well done. It’s got me wondering about the mechanics behind incremental/idle games, and whether I could create something along these lines.

I’m a big fan of the genre (in all its forms). Maybe creating one of these clicker games should be my next project?

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