Liz Comes Home

Despite getting to bed at a rather terrible hour – I was up pretty early today. Got a lot of errands done, and made my way over to O’Hare to meet Liz on her arrival back in Chicago (and the States).

I never really knew that there was a whole separate “International” terminal at O’Hare. Last time we left, we came up via the Blue Line – so I don’t think it quite clicked that there was a completely separate, physical structure for international flights.

I arrived about 20 minutes early, and just hung out. Liz kept updating me on her status (landing, bags, customs) and so I just people-watched for a while.

Arrival areas are awesome, and that goes double for an international arrival area. So many people and languages, so much happiness.

The arrivals come through this set of doors, which is both lovely and a nice little promo for the city. In a way, it’s a bit like a game show with a random set of doors opening up and people walking through.

As I was standing and waiting, every door opening came with an added bit of excitement.

Liz, arriving.

Hard to believe it’s been just about two weeks since we’ve been apart. The traffic was a little bad on the way home, as we had to drive from O’Hare through the city to the South Side. But that was ok. Even though we went slowly, we were holding hands most of the way back.

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