A Lazy Day At Home, Together

I took off of work today, so I could just hang out with Liz. We’ve spent most of the day in bed, just lounging around and resting up.

In addition to some of the sewing-related purchases she made (buttons, fabrics), she also brought back a lot of chocolate, some cookies, and of course some macarons. This box was all for me, and I have little shame in telling you that I ate them all in one sitting. I do feel a slight bit of shame, when thinking about how quickly I went about eating them though.

Today was mostly Netflix and naps. We started watching Penny Dreadful – which was a surprise to me. I had heard about the show, but never really thought to explore it. At Justin’s party a few days ago, Chris was talking about this show.

For Liz to suggest it was surprising, since we tried to watch Stranger Things – but only got about 10 minutes into the first episode.

For Liz, there are certain scary movies that are ok – and certain scary movies that are off limits. Shows about aliens are off-limits. Things that mess with your mind (and potentially linger) are off limits.

Surprisingly, for all the gore and (IMO) scary stuff – she was just fine with Penny Dreadful. We’ve watched maybe 6 episodes so far today. I’m up for more, but Liz say she’s kind of tapped out.

I will say this about the show: Eva Green is a force of nature. The sheer range of what her character has done and gone through in the first season is astonishing. I am in awe of her as an actress.

Around 1PM, I conked out for a good while. I woke several hours later, and am just now getting to resuming my day. As I’m writing this, Liz has switched places with me… and is now taking a nap next to me.

Thank goodness for the laptop. I usually work and do blog posts at my desk upstairs, but Liz wanted me to stay nearby. So we’ve spent most of the day in bed, watching shows and taking naps. And even now, as I’m writing up a post – still in bed.

Lazy day, indeed.

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