The Inattentive Gardener

While Liz was away in Paris, it was my job to tend to the garden boxes out back. In addition to making sure everyone had enough water, I also was to check on the spaghetti squash, the zucchini, the yellow squash, the beans, and to use as much of the lettuce as I could.

Many of the veggies were turning right as Liz was leaving, which made it that much more important that I harvest things when they were ready (as opposed to letting them stay too long on the vine).

I was good about most everything, bringing in all the spaghetti squash when it looked yellow enough on the vine. I even brought in all the zucchini (pushing my hands past their super prickly leaves and stems – yeouch).

But… I apparently missed this guy. Who Liz brought in, after she returned.

I guess that with zucchini, after a certain size, they’re not so great. You’re supposed to grab them when they’re around a more reasonable (cucumberish?) size.

This guy, though – just kept growing and growing. I threw in a fork to try to provide a sense of scale, but this thing is just massive. It’s less for eating, and more for weaponry and armed combat? It’s a vegetable club.

Garden Box Explosion
Harvesting the First Spaghetti Squash
Garden Box Explosion, Box 2

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